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Granite is one of the oldest building materials and stands the test of time.  

Tremendous advances have been made in the use of steel and concrete in the construction of large buildings in the last 50 years and this has led to an increased demand for natural stone as a facing material.  

 The granite industry has recognised this and reacted to the changes over the last few decades and with substantial economies of scale has achieved reductions in production costs.  

Granite cut thinly at 40mm is used vertically as a rain screen cladding or horizontally as a paving.  It is also used at 100mm and above as a building block which is tied to either a concrete block or timber framed structure in housing. These applications allow the fine detailing and different face finishes available in stone to be offered.

Granite is used in seating, bollards, kerbing and pavers as a hard landscaping product.  

Due to its first class weathering properties, granite is an extremely suitable material for the prevailing atmospheric UK conditions. 

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